LFNA Board Members

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Courtney has lived in Little Flower since 2014 and has served on the board for two years. She loves living on the east side for the older homes, the the strong sense of community, and the proximity to downtown. She enjoys baking, crafting, and trying to not kill her house plants. She shares her home with her husband, Tom, and cats. 


Courtney Brown


Jillian Lain has served on the LFNA board for two years, and has lived in LF for almost 6 years.

Her favorite parts about Little Flower is the diversity in the neighborhood, and closeness to downtown and Mass Ave. She has worked in nonprofits for over 10 years, and likes to be able to bring this expertise to the LFNA board. In her free time she likes to travel with her husband Nick, teach yoga, and spend time with her dogs Nickel & Eleanor.


Jillian Lain


Marisol Gouveia is an 12-year resident of Little Flower and has served on the board since 2014. She hails from the Caribbean and is an animal enthusiast, an amateur Whovian, an avid gardener (when time allows) and an art appreciator committed to contributing to the city that has become her home. Along with the Little Flower Neighborhood Association, she also serves on the boards of Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center and Purdue Extension – Marion County.


Marisol Gouveia 

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Kristin has been a Little Flower resident for eleven years, and is interested in older architecture, gardening, native plants, and books.


Kristin Johnson


Lincoln moved to Little Flower from the south side two years ago. He works as a discovery chemist at Lilly and is pursuing a masters degree in Economics at IUPUI. He is currently engaged to his fiancée, Tiffany, and lives with his dog, cat, and hedgehog: Larry, Hobbes, and Gromit. In his spare time, Lincoln enjoys reading, sports, and movies.

At-Large Board Member

Lincoln Wallis


Desiree is a Program Educator at the Indianapolis Zoo, working to teach all things environmental to people of all ages. She is originally from Arizona and has lived in Washington DC, but is happy to call Indy her home. When she is not working, she enjoys hanging out with her wife, dog, two cats, four chickens, and micro-farm. She also enjoys writing, local sustainable food, ethnic foods, and traveling.

At-Large Board Member

Desiree Brandon


Jill moved into the Little Flower neighborhood in November of 2018, and i happily reside there with her dog, Jorjia and boyfriend, Kevin. Since moving into the neighborhood she has formed a strong interest in her community. She has a background in sales and marketing. Her interests include working on home improvement projects, collecting and drinking wine, and attending music and arts events. 

At-Large Board Member

Jillian Rohe


Karen fell in love with Little Flower in 2016 and bought a house in the neighborhood in April 2018. She currently works for Enroll Indy, and has a professional background in education, government, and workforce development. In her spare time, Karen enjoys collecting art and books, attending pottery classes, and making friends with neighbors’ pets.

At-Large Board Member

Karen Hensley

Little Flower Neighborhood Association

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